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Real Estate Agents and bank repossessions

Posted on by Caroline Bjälstam

Once you have decided to buy a property in Spain, you might ask yourself where you can find the best possible bargain? We would warmly recommend you to take a closer look at bank repossessions. 

In many cases the bank repossessions that the banks have in stock are sold to a much lower price than the market price. The positive side is that if you buy your house to a lower price than the market price, you have the possibility to completely reform it instead and really get your dream home. You should not be afraid of buying a property that needs some reforms. It is an excellent opportunity to get the house exactly as you want it.

If you find a property from a bank that you wish to buy, you can get generous mortgage conditions and it is possible to lend up to 80% of the price. Sometimes its possible to get a 100% financing . But it depends on the bank.

There are Real Estate Agents with their own web pages that have the possibility to advertise and sell bank repossessions after previous approval from the bank.  Only serious Real Estate Agents can sell bank repossessions and not all Estate Agents are approved. You have to fulfill several requirements.

Along the coast,  Costa del Sol, Costa de Almería, Costa Cálida, Costa Blanca, Costa de Valencia och Costa Azahar, the banks offer a lot of properties to a very good price. You have the chance to find a property with up to a 50% price reduction. You have an excellent opportunity to find your dream property.

If you contact us personally, we can search through our database for bank repossessions. We can contact the bank directly and the price is exactly the same if you buy the house through us or via the bank. We can also help you to negotiate with the bank. It is important to bare in mind that the houses that are sold to a reduced price, may be reserved the same day as they are advertised on the web page. If you see “reservado”, then it means that someone has payed an amount to reserve the property. When the public deed is signed, the property is being removed from the web page of the bank.

At the moment we have properties from Banco Sabadell, Cajamar, Bankia and Sareb but we only have a few bank repossessions at our webpage www.villasalsol.com. If you are interested to buy a bank repossession, you are welcome to contact us at: info@villasalsol.com. We have thousands of properties for sale all over Spain.




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