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It should be easy to buy a property in Spain

Posted on by Caroline Bjälstam

Spain´s property market was hit very hard by the financial collapse in 2008 and the prices went down drastically in many cities after some years. It has taken Spain many many years to recover but we have started to see that the prices slowly are going up again. Many owners did not want to adjust their prices and you can easily find a wide range of prices for similar houses.

Who buys in Spain? 

British buyers are still  dominating  the market, but  also French, Italians, Belgians and Germans, Swedes and Norwegians are frequent buyers.  You find also more interest  from the United States buyers, Chinese and Russian buyers. It is now also possible to obtain the residence in Spain if you invest for more than 500.000 euros. Most of these people are looking for a second home in Spain or a property they can rent out to tourists.  It is a good time to invest before the prices start to go up again.

What do you need to buy a property in Spain? 

If you want to buy property in Spain, you must obtain a tax identification number, known as an NIE number.  This identification number is necessary if you want to open a bank account and to purchase any property.  When you have reached an agreement for purchase,  the buyer pays a deposit which is normally 10% and signs a reservation contract.

We don´t recommend you to buy any property without a lawyer and it is very important that a lawyer follow the entire procedure from the beginning to the end.  We at Villas al Sol, collaborate with an English and Swedish Speaking lawyer  that will guide you through the entire process without any additional cost. His name is Hugo Gutierrez Colás and has his own law-firm named Colás Abogados with his office in Albir (Alicante). We have our office in the same building in Albir and can therefor have direct contact daily, which makes the procedure much easier.

Even though we have our office in Albir, we can offer you houses along the coast of Costa Blanca. In Alicante we collaborate with an other Real Estate Agent and have therefor more than 1000 apartments in stock from 17.000 euros and up. The prices in Alicante are much lower than in other cities like for example Albir where we have our office.

Once you have decided to look for a property in Spain, it is easy to think that you must visit as many Real Estate Agents as possible. That is not the case since most Real Estate Agents collaborate and then share the commission. Our suggestion is to find one Real Estate Agent that give you security and then let that person do the job. It should be easy to find a property in Spain.

We at Villas al Sol, have our own properties in the database but as I mentioned before we also collaborate with other Real Estate Agents in La Nucia, Altea, Albir and Calpe. We have over 1000 properties in Alicante and the nearby areas and several promotions in La Zenia and Torrevieja for very good prices. In Alicante it is possible to find an attic for 58.000 euros and a normal apartment for 17.000 euros that is located in a good area but obviously need to be reformed. We also collaborate with Banco Sabadell, Cajamar, Bankia and Sareb and can therefor offer you properties all over Spain.

For us the most important aspect is to have clients that are satisfied. If you would like to buy a property in Spain, let us help you. We will guide you through the entire process.



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