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Properties in Alicante

Posted on by Caroline Bjälstam

Alicante is located by the Mediterranean sea. From many european cities, you have direct flights, which make the city of Alicante a popular destination for many tourists. More and more people decide to buy their second home abroad and Alicante is a good decision for many, due to the nice beaches and beautiful city. Alicante is a city with culture, narrow streets and a beautiful harbour.

The prices in Alicante have decreased the last years and you now how the possibility to find really good deals. We have apartments from 17.000 euros, which obviously need some renovation. But I am sure that we can find a property that suits all pockets, which is not possible in some other cities. If you are looking for an attic in a good area of Alicante, near the university and 15 min by bus to the beach by bus, we can also offer that from 58.000 euros. These are just some examples but now you have the possibilities to find really good bargains in the center of Alicante. If you are looking for an apartment next to the beach, you must be willing to pay some more but it is still cheaper than in other cities like Albir, that is located north of Alicante.

Together with one of our collaborators in Alicante, we can offer you more than 1000 properties in Alicante. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will find the right apartment for you.



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